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  1. I am Cuddalore Subramaniam's daughter Saimala. I am proud to say that I am the daughter of such a musical legend. I am his dearest daughter.. I respect my father for his talent and responsibility as a dutiful father.. Thanks for uploading about my immensely talented dad and his priceless books.

    Sai Mala

  1. Please share your contact details to me at

  1. smt: Saimala: I am a collector of Karnatak songs. I have the 72 Melelakarta songs of your illustrious father in my database. I understand that there are other published books of his compositions. Are these available for purchase? Thanks for a response to


  1. Lakshman : I am very happy to hear that you have the 72 melekarta songs of my father. He had written many books for beginners to learn in easy ways. I will contact one of his disciple and try to collect the books. He had sung in All India radio Chennai for more than 40 years. If you contact Radio station Chennai they would help you to get the Audio version of it. Even i would try from my side. My email id is